Tabakerka network

In 2005 FCH has launched a new project – national net of specialized tobacco kiosks ‘Tabakerka’, they representing all the assortment of OTP and accompanying accessories of medium price segment.

FCH consider its ‘Tabakerka’ net as a way to be closer to the customers in order to present them full assortment of OTP along with qualitative service of competent sales staff, which is of crucial importance when culture of OTP consumption is on the stage of development. 

Display # 
Name City Address
Kremenchuk, hypermarket «Fozzy» Kremenchuk 66g Kyivska St
Kremenchuk, S/C «Amstor» Kremenchuk  7 Khalamenyuka St
Kremenchuk, S/C «Galaktika» Kremenchuk  21 Soborna St
Kremenchuk, supermarket «Silpo» Kremenhuk 5a Kyivska St
Kropivnitskiy, S/C «CityPoint» Kropivnitskiy 6/13 Heroiv Ukrainy St
Kropivnitskiy, S/C «Depot» Kropinitskiy 48 Velyka Perspektyvna Str
Kropivnitskiy, supermarket «Silpo» Kropinitskiy 53 Velyka Perspektivna St
Kryvyi Rih, S/C «Metro» Kryvyi Rih 31 Bykova St
Kryvyi Rih, S/C «Plaza-4» Kryvyi Rih 42a Metalurgiv Ave
Kryvyi Rih, S/C «Sonyachna Galereia» Kryvyi Rih 1 30-richchya Peremohy Ave
Kryvyi Rih, S/C «Terra» Kryvyi Rih 11 5-y Zarichnyi district
Kryvyi Rih, S/C «Tornado» Kryvyi Rih 37 Lermontova St
Kryvyi Rih, supermarket «Silpo», Heroiv ATO St Kryvyi Rih 30a Heroiv ATO St
Kryvyi Rih, supermarket «Silpo», Vechirnii Blvd Kryvyi Rih 33 Vechirnii Blvd
Kryvyi Rih, supermarket «Varus», 200-richcha Kryvoho Rohu Ave Kryvyi Rih 24 200-richcha Kryvoho Rohu Ave
Kryvyi Rih, supermarket «Varus», Heroiv-pidpilnykiv Ave Kryvyi Rih 1b Heroiv-pidpilnykiv Ave
Kyiv, hypermarket «Auchan Bilychi» Kyiv 6 Berkovetska St
Kyiv, hypermarket «Auchan Chernigivs'ka» Kyiv 1b Hnata Hotkevicha Str
Kyiv, hypermarket «Auchan Petrivka» Kyiv 15 Stepana Bandery Ave
Kyiv, hypermarket «Novus», Mykoli Bazhana Ave Kyiv 8 Mykoli Bazhana Ave