Tabakerka network

In 2005 FCH has launched a new project – national net of specialized tobacco kiosks ‘Tabakerka’, they representing all the assortment of OTP and accompanying accessories of medium price segment.

FCH consider its ‘Tabakerka’ net as a way to be closer to the customers in order to present them full assortment of OTP along with qualitative service of competent sales staff, which is of crucial importance when culture of OTP consumption is on the stage of development. 

Display # 
Name City Address
Lviv, S/C «Metro», Horodotska St Lviv 300 Horodotska St
Lviv, S/C «Roksolana» Lviv 14 Soborna Sqr
Lviv, S/C «Skrynia» Lviv 179 Horodotska St
Lviv, S/C «Spartak» Lviv 1b Hetmana Ivana Mazery St
Lviv, S/C «VAM», Chervonoi Kalyny Ave Lviv 62 Chervonoi Kalyny Ave
Lviv, S/C «Victoria Gardens» Lviv 226a Kulparkivska St
Lviv, supermarket «Arsen», Knyahyni Ol'hy St Lviv  120 Knyahyni Ol'hy St
Lviv, supermarket «Arsen», Patona St Lviv  37 Patona St
Lviv, supermarket «Arsen», Syhiv Lviv  60 Chervonoi Kalyny Ave
Lviv, supermarket «Arsen», V'yacheslava Chornovola Ave Lviv  93 V'yacheslava Chornovola Ave
Mariupol, Arh. Nilsena St Mariupo 28 Arhitektora Nilsena St
Mariupol, CUS Mariupol  69 Myru Str
Mariupol, S/C «Amstor», Metalurhiv Ave Mariupol  112 Metalurhiv Ave
Mariupol, S/C «Amstor», Myru Ave Mariupol 149 Myru Ave
Mariupol, S/C «Amstor», Peremogy Ave Mariupol 21 Peremogy Ave
Mariupol, S/C «Metro» Mariupol 4 Zaporizke Road
Mariupol, S/C «PortCity» Mariupol 2 Zaporizke Rd
Mariupol, supermarket «Obzhora» Mariupol  125 Budivel'nykiv Ave
Mariupol, supermarket «Primor'ye» Mariupol  10 Ushakova Str
Mariupol, supermarket «Shchyryi Kum» Mariupol 59/51 Mytropolitska St