Tabakerka network

In 2005 FCH has launched a new project – national net of specialized tobacco kiosks ‘Tabakerka’, they representing all the assortment of OTP and accompanying accessories of medium price segment.

FCH consider its ‘Tabakerka’ net as a way to be closer to the customers in order to present them full assortment of OTP along with qualitative service of competent sales staff, which is of crucial importance when culture of OTP consumption is on the stage of development. 

Display # 
Name City Address
Dnipro, S/C «Noviy Centr» Dnipro 7b V'yacheslava Lypins'koho St
Dnipro, S/C «Priozernyi» Dnipro 1 Bobrova St
Dnipro, S/C «Terra» Dnipro 118d Bogdana Khmelnytskoho St
Dnipro, S/C «Terra», Topolia Dnipro 15 Panikahi St
Dnipro, S/C «Vavilon» Dnipro 2 Marshala Malynovs'koho St
Dnipro, supermarket «Silpo», Pastera St Dnipro 6a Pastera St
Dnipro, supermarket «Silpo», Slavy Blvd Dnipro 5 Slavy Blvd
Dnipro, supermarket «Silpo», Yuriya Kondratiuka St Dnipro 4 Yuriya Kondratiuka Str
Dnipro, supermarket «Varus», 20-richcha Peremogy Str Dnipro 43d 20-richcha Peremogy Str
Dnipro, supermarket «Varus», Heroiv Ave Dnipro 2 Heroiv Ave
Dnipro, supermarket «Varus», Oleksandra Polya Ave Dnipro 104a Oleksandra Polya Ave
Dnipro, supermarket «Varus», Rabochaya St Dnipro 67 Robocha St
Dnipro, supermarket «Varus», Yuriya Kondratiuka St Dnipro 8 Yuriya Kondratiuka St
Fastiv, supermarket «Furshet» Fastiv 6 Ivana Mazepy St
Irpin, S/C «Zhiraf» Irpin 160v Soborna St
Irpin, supermarket «EKO market» Irpin 105a Soborna Str
Irpin, supermarket «Novus» Irpin 2 Tsentralna St
Ivano-Frankivsk, CUS Ivano-Frankivsk 3 Dnistrovska St
Ivano-Frankivsk, S/C «Arsen» Ivano-Frankivsk 2 Mykolaichuka St
Ivano-Frankivsk, S/C «Extim» Ivano-Frankivsk 2 Mel'nyka St